Controller: Scuff Impact

Headset: Turtle Beach Elite Pro 

Camera: Advent Full HD

Microphone: Snowball

Recording Device: Elgato HD60S

PC: Custom built



What times do you stream: Daily from 6pm GMT

Alias: Senpillow

Year of birth: 1996

Place of birth: High Wycombe

Languages: English

What is the best moment you have had in game: Sniping a pilot out of a helicopter in Blackout Beta.

What is your most embarrassing moment in game: Falling to my death after jumping off a bridge in PUBG.

What is your most memorable moment while streaming: Winning my first GB's with SMG ESPORTS.

What's your favorite food: Pizza. 

What is your favorite colour: Red.

Who is your idol: Shroud.

Where would you like to live: I'm fine with the UK but just a bigger house.

What do you think of SMG ESPORTS: SMG ESPORTS is a close knit community which is like a second family.